What I’m Thinking About and Working On

-- work

I am Data Analyst at GitLab, helping build the data infrastructure, modeling, and analysis that supports a billion-dollar company. In addition to being in the weeds, my role forces me to deeply think about how we work, as we build our small team to scale. I have come to really appreciate the value in documentation, scaling knowledge, and really_really_obvious_naming_conventions. I love how much this role has forced me to think not just about the work I do but also about how I do that work, individually and as part of a team.

-- professional career

I care deeply about the work I’m doing. At its core, I think of my work as helping people use data to answer their questions. I used to think of data analysis as the train that gets people from question to answer, but today I think of the work I do as laying down the train track, empowering people to drive their own trains. I am struck a bit by the ambition to learn it all and the struggle to build a framework around the prioritization of my learning.

-- personal

I’m an Army Wife, currently living in Savannah, GA. Despite being forced to never plant roots too deeply, I’m grateful to be part of multiple amazing personal, professional, religious, and interest-driven communities online and in-person that make the transitions a little easier.

-- social

I hate social media more often than I don’t, and often lock myself out of accounts for weeks at a time.

-- reading

Favorite Books